YOU GUYS. Today marks 10 years since my LAST first date (and last first kiss!). That's right, ten years ago today was my very first date with THE Miles Fidell, aka my husband and baby daddy. So in honor of that blessed day (that I didn't even know was a date at the time! Ha!) here are ten photos from our dating years and ten things you might not have known about our story! Enjoy!


1. Our first date was to see "The Dark Knight" on opening night... except it wasn't supposed to be a date! All of our friends waited too long to get tickets before it was sold out (that may or may not have been planned by Miles) so it was only Miles and I that showed up for the movie! 


2. We went to Steak & Shake after the movie where Miles got us milkshakes and stole a kiss! If you want the whole story, just ask me, it's one of my favorites. Let's just say Miles was very determined. ha!


3. Even though we had our first "date" in July, Miles said we shouldn't date until I got through my freshman year of college. We only made it to October before he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. :)


4. October 2008 is one of Miles' favorite months because we became boyfriend/girlfriend AND the Phillies won the World Series. #priorities


5. We did have one breakup during our dating history in May of 2009. It lasted two weeks officially. It lasted two days unofficially. ;)


6. When we got back together after our breakup we knew we were on the path to marriage, but we were only 19 and 20 so we had the whole age thing to navigate.


7. While we were dating we visited Hong Kong and London together on church mission trips and both have a heart for overseas missions!


8. On Miles' 22nd birthday we got in a huge fight because I thought he was being shady about his texts. Turns out he was planning our engagement with our closest friends. Oops!


9. Nine days later he succeeded with the engagement surprise of a lifetime! It was one of the top five best days of my life! (Only to be passed by our wedding day and birth of our daughter!)


10. We were married nine months later on June 18, 2011... Exactly one month before our three year dating anniversary where it all began!

Our story isn't perfect. It is full of shameful and embarrassing moments, but also LOTS of grace! It is crazy, funny, and all around magical. To all my single ladies: DON'T SETTLE. Miles Fidell was NOT the Prince Charming I was expecting, but I am so glad God's plans are better than my own! Can I get an amen to THAT?! Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me!